Garden Telescopic Patio Paving Remover Slab Removal Tool Knife

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A garden telescopic patio paving slab weed weeding removal tool knife is a specialized tool designed for removing weeds or unwanted plants that grow between paving slabs or in other hard-to-reach areas in your garden or patio. It typically features a telescopic handle for adjustable length and a knife-like blade or hook-shaped attachment for effective weed removal.

  • Adjust the telescopic handle: Extend or retract the handle to a comfortable length that suits your height and allows you to reach the weeds between the paving slabs without straining yourself.
  • Identify the weeds: Determine the locations of the weeds or unwanted plants you want to remove. Look for gaps or crevices between the paving slabs where weeds tend to grow.
  • Position the tool: Hold the telescopic handle and position the blade or hook-shaped attachment of the tool at the base of the weed, ensuring that the blade is as close to the ground as possible.
  • Adjustable from 690mm to 975mm approx
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