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Wood Wooden Broom Poles Handles Stick Thick Brush Flower Support Flag Pole 1.2m x 22mm


120cm Long Wooden Broom Sweeping Brush
Mop Wood Handles Shaft Stick Shank Pole
Brand New.
Made in EU of Non Toxic High-Quality Materials.
Durable & Long Lasting.
Length: 120cm / 4ft
Diameter: 22mm
Available without thread.

  1. Broom Handles: The 1.2-meter length and 22-millimeter diameter make these wooden handles suitable for attaching broom heads. They provide a comfortable grip and allow for effective sweeping and cleaning tasks.
  2. Mop Handles: These handles can also be used for attaching mop heads, allowing you to easily maneuver and clean large surface areas.
  3. Cleaning Tools: Apart from brooms and mops, the wooden handles can be used for various cleaning tools such as scrub brushes, deck brushes, or squeegees. The sturdy construction ensures they can withstand the pressure and force applied during cleaning.
  4. Flag Poles: The 1.2-meter length of the wooden broom handles makes them suitable for use as flag poles or flag supports. You can attach a flag to the pole and display it in your garden, at events, or during celebrations.
  5. Thick Brush Handles: With a diameter of 22 millimeters, these handles can be used for attaching thick brush heads, such as those used for scrubbing or cleaning outdoor surfaces. The thickness provides stability and control while using the brush.
  6. Flower Support: The wooden broom handles can also serve as supports for flower beds or potted plants. You can insert them into the ground near delicate flowers or plants that need support, providing them with stability and preventing them from bending or falling over.
  7. Natural Material: The handles are made of wood, which gives them a natural and traditional aesthetic. Wood is also a renewable resource and offers durability, making these handles suitable for long-term use.

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