10,20 & 30 Watts LED Light Floodlight Sensor Motion Outdoor Garden Wall Security Flood Glass Surface Lights


The 10, 20, and 30 Watts LED light floodlights with motion sensors are outdoor lighting fixtures designed for security and illumination purposes in gardens, walls, and other outdoor areas. These lights are equipped with motion sensors that detect movement in their vicinity and trigger the lights to turn on automatically.

The “Watts” specification refers to the power consumption of the LED floodlights. A higher wattage generally means a brighter light output. For example, a 10-watt floodlight will provide less brightness compared to a 20-watt floodlight, and a 30-watt floodlight will be even brighter.

LED lights are known for their energy efficiency and durability. They consume less power compared to traditional lighting technologies while providing comparable or even superior brightness. LED floodlights are popular for outdoor security lighting due to their longevity, low maintenance requirements, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The glass surface of these LED floodlights helps protect the internal components from environmental elements, such as rain, dust, and debris. It also helps to distribute light evenly and provides a clear, focused illumination in the desired direction.

When considering these LED floodlights for your outdoor lighting needs, you can choose the wattage based on the level of brightness you require. Keep in mind that higher wattage lights may consume more power, so consider your energy consumption needs and any power limitations you might have.

Additionally, ensure that the motion sensor sensitivity and range meet your requirements. Some floodlights allow you to adjust these settings to customize the detection range and sensitivity to suit your specific needs.


Without Sensor Lights:

10w / 20w & 30w

Low energy

10 Watt

Aluminium die cast body

120 degree beam angle

Ideal garden, security and area flood


With Sensor Lights:

10w & 30w



PIR Sensor


Ideal for gardens


Chose Product:

10W With Sensor, 30W With Sensor, 10W Without Sensor, 20W Without Sensor, 30W Without Sensor


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