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300,200 & 100L Reusable Waterproof Garden Waste Sack Bags Rubbish Grass Leaf Bin Refuse Storage Bag


300, 200, and 100-liter reusable waterproof garden waste sack bags, are designed for storing and transporting garden waste such as grass, leaves, and other rubbish. These bags are made from a waterproof material, which helps prevent leakage and keeps the contents dry.

Reusable garden waste sack bags offer several advantages over disposable bags. They are more environmentally friendly as they reduce waste generation, and they can withstand multiple uses, which makes them a cost-effective option in the long run.

These bags typically feature sturdy handles for easy carrying and are designed to be durable and tear-resistant, allowing you to fill them with various types of garden waste without worrying about the bag ripping or tearing.

When using these bags, you can collect garden waste such as grass clippings, fallen leaves, small branches, and other organic debris. They provide a convenient storage solution until you’re ready to dispose of the waste or transport it to a composting facility.

To use the garden waste sack bags effectively, follow these general guidelines:

  1. Ensure that the bag is clean and dry before use.
  2. Fill the bag with garden waste, making sure not to overfill it beyond its capacity.
  3. Close the bag securely using any provided closures, such as drawstrings or zippers.
  4. If required, use the handles to transport the bag to the desired location.
  5. When you’re ready to dispose of the waste, carefully open the bag and empty the contents into a compost bin or designated waste disposal area.
  6. After emptying the bag, clean it if necessary, and let it dry before storing it for future use.

Made From Polypropylene, Garden Waste Sacks Are Ideal For Clearing Your Garden Waste. The Strong Stitching Secure Handles Are Specially Made For Support And Ease Of Transportation. Our Garden Waste Sacks Hold All Types Of Garden Debris, Such As Leaves, Weeds And Shrub Clippings. It Is Very Lightweight And Super Sturdy.

Below Are The Key Features

Carry Handles For Added Ease

Collapsible – Easy To Store Away

Puncture Resistant For Durablity

Reusable As Made From A Long Lasting Material

Tear Resistant, Ideal For Garden Waste

Tie Handles For Extra Convenience

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 Capacities Approx :

100 Litre

200 Litre

300 Litre


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100L, 200L, 300L


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