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64x49cm Large Oven Rack & Grill Baking Soaking Cleaning Caddy Tray Dishwasher Safe Kitchen


A 64x49cm large oven rack and grill baking soaking cleaning tray is a kitchen accessory that is designed to fit inside a standard-sized oven. Here’s some information about its features and usage:

Size: The dimensions of the oven rack and grill tray you mentioned are 64x49cm. These dimensions indicate the width and depth of the tray, respectively. This size is considered large and can accommodate a significant amount of food or baking items.

Oven Rack: The oven rack is a metal wire rack that is typically placed inside the oven to hold baking trays, dishes, or food items. It allows heat to circulate evenly around the food, ensuring even cooking or baking. The rack is usually removable, allowing you to adjust its position or remove it for cleaning.

Grill Tray: The grill tray, also known as a broiler pan, is a deep tray that is designed for grilling or broiling food. It usually has a perforated top surface that allows the excess fat or liquid to drain away while cooking. The grill tray is placed on top of the oven rack, allowing the food to be positioned close to the oven’s heating element.

Baking, Soaking, and Cleaning: The large oven rack and grill tray can be used for various purposes:

  1. Baking: You can place baking trays or dishes on the oven rack to bake cookies, cakes, bread, or other baked goods. The rack helps ensure even heat distribution, resulting in evenly cooked or baked items.
  2. Soaking: The tray can be used for soaking or marinating food items before cooking. Its large size allows you to immerse larger pieces of meat or vegetables in marinades or brines.
  3. Cleaning: The tray can also be used for cleaning purposes. It can be used to hold oven racks, grill grates, or other cooking accessories that require cleaning. You can soak them in soapy water or cleaning solution within the tray to loosen grime or residue.

It’s important to check the specific instructions or recommendations provided by the manufacturer of your oven rack and grill tray for proper usage, cleaning, and maintenance.

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