Black Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric Ground Cover Resist Membrane Sheet Garden Patio Landscape Mat


Our Black Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric is here to put an end to your weed woes! This premium ground cover resist membrane sheet is designed to keep your garden, patio, and landscape free from unwanted weeds, saving you time and effort while ensuring a clean and well-maintained outdoor space.

Key Features:

  1. Heavy Duty Construction: Our weed control fabric is crafted from high-quality, heavy-duty materials that are built to withstand the toughest garden conditions. It’s tear-resistant, durable, and UV-stabilized, ensuring long-lasting performance in all weather conditions.
  2. Weed Resistance: The tightly woven design of the fabric prevents weed growth by blocking sunlight and providing a barrier against invasive plants. Say goodbye to hours of backbreaking weeding, and spend more time enjoying your beautiful garden.
  3. Breathable and Water Permeable: Although it keeps weeds at bay, our ground cover resist membrane sheet is still breathable and allows air and water to pass through. This feature ensures your plants receive the necessary nutrients and moisture while maintaining a weed-free environment.
  4. Versatile Use: This weed control fabric is perfect for various outdoor applications. Use it in flower beds, vegetable gardens, around trees, under patio stones, and even on pathways. It’s a versatile landscaping tool that enhances the overall look and health of your outdoor space.
  5. Easy Installation: Installing the weed control fabric is a simple and straightforward process. Just clear the area of existing weeds and debris, roll out the fabric over the desired surface, and secure the edges with garden staples or other suitable fasteners. It’s a DIY gardening solution that anyone can handle.


  • Material: Heavy Duty Fabric
  • Color: Black
  • UV Protection: Yes

Usage Tips:

  • For best results, ensure the fabric completely covers the area where you want to suppress weed growth.
  • To create planting holes, simply cut an X-shaped slit in the fabric and fold back the flaps before inserting your plants.
  • Avoid using sharp tools or machinery directly on the fabric to prevent damage.


Maintaining the effectiveness of your weed control fabric is easy. Periodically check for any signs of damage or weed breakthroughs and address them promptly. If the fabric becomes covered in dirt or debris, gently wash it with water to restore its efficiency.

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10 x Steel Steaks, 20m x 100cm, 800cm x 150cm


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