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Chrome and Wooden Folding Dish Drainers Plate Rack Holder Cutlery Holder Kitchen




Folding dish drainers, plate racks, and cutlery holders are essential kitchen accessories designed to assist in drying and organizing washed dishes, plates, and utensils. They come in various materials such as chrome and wood, offering different aesthetics and functionalities to suit your kitchen decor and needs.


Constructed from Chrome Effect Metal

Contemporary design

Chrome dish rack

Compact space saver

Folding Dish Drainers: A folding dish drainer is a versatile kitchen tool that provides a convenient space for drying washed dishes and utensils. It usually consists of a series of wire racks or grids that allow water to drip off the items, preventing moisture buildup and water spots. The folding feature makes it easy to store when not in use, making it an ideal choice for kitchens with limited counter space. These drainers often come with slots for plates, cups, and other dishes, as well as compartments for utensils.

Plate Racks: Plate racks are designed specifically for organizing and drying plates after they’ve been washed. They typically feature vertical slots or grooves that hold plates upright, allowing air to circulate around them for efficient drying. Plate racks come in various sizes to accommodate different plate dimensions. They can be standalone units or part of a larger dish drying system.

Cutlery Holders: Cutlery holders are designed to hold and dry knives, forks, spoons, and other utensils after washing. They help prevent utensils from lying flat on the counter, which can lead to prolonged moisture exposure. Cutlery holders often have separate compartments or slots for different types of utensils, keeping them organized and easily accessible for use. They can be an integral part of dish drainers or plate racks or come as standalone holders.

Chrome and Wooden Materials: Folding dish drainers, plate racks, and cutlery holders are available in different materials to suit various preferences and interior styles.

  • Chrome: Chrome-plated dish drainers and holders are known for their sleek, modern appearance. The chrome finish not only looks stylish but is also easy to clean and resistant to rust and corrosion. These accessories can seamlessly blend into contemporary kitchens and add a touch of sophistication.
  • Wooden: Wooden dish drainers, plate racks, and cutlery holders offer a more natural and rustic aesthetic. They can add warmth and charm to the kitchen decor. Wooden holders are often treated with protective coatings to make them resistant to moisture and easy to clean. They are great for kitchens that have a more traditional or farmhouse-style ambiance.
  • Approx Dimensions:
  • Folding Dish Drainer: H23 X W48 X D33 X W1.00kg

  • Dish Drainer: H10 X W34 X D34cm X W0.50kg
  • Large Dish Rack: H9 X W48 X D33cm X W0.66kg
  • Wooden Folding Dish Drainer: Width: 42cm, Height: 30cm, Depth: 30cm
  • Cutlery Caddy: Size Height 12cm’s Depth 18.5cm’s Width 8.5cm’s

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Chrome Folding Dish Drainer Small, Chrome Folding Dish Drainer large, Wooden Folding Dish Drainer, Chrome Flat Dish Rack, Chrome Cutlery Caddy


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