Extendable Telescopic Patio Slab Weed Remover Tool Scraper Knife Garden Weeding UK


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A Telescopic Patio Weed Knife Is A Gardening Tool Specifically Designed For Removing Weeds From Patios, Driveways, And Other Hard Surfaces. It Features A Long Handle That Can Be Extended Or Retracted, Allowing You To Reach Weeds In Tight Or Hard-to-reach Spaces.

The Design Typically Consists Of A Sturdy Metal Blade Attached To The End Of The Telescopic Handle. The Blade Is Specifically Shaped And Sharpened To Make It Easier To Cut And Remove Weeds From Cracks, Joints, And Crevices In The Patio Or Other Hard Surfaces.

To Use A Telescopic Patio Weed Knife, You Extend The Handle To The Desired Length And Then Position The Blade At The Base Of The Weed. By Applying Downward Pressure, You Can Insert The Blade Into The Cracks Or Gaps And Sever The Roots Of The Weed, Making It Easier To Pull Out. The Telescopic Feature Allows You To Adjust The Length Of The Tool Based On The Area You’re Working On And Your Preferred Working Height.

Using A Telescopic Patio Weed Knife Can Help You Effectively Remove Weeds Without Damaging The Patio Surface Or Surrounding Plants. It’s A Useful Tool For Maintaining A Clean And Weed-free Outdoor Space.


Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 97.5 × 69 × 97.5 cm


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