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Garden Folding Kneeler Seat Chair Foam Pad Stool Steel Frame Gardening Tool Bag Portable


The Portable Garden Folding Kneeler Seat Chair is a versatile gardening tool designed to provide comfort and convenience while working in the garden. It typically features the following components:

  1. Folding Kneeler Seat: The kneeler seat is designed to be used both as a kneeling pad and a seat. It provides a comfortable surface for kneeling while gardening or can be flipped over to create a sturdy seat when you need a break or want to sit while working.
  2. Foam Pad: The foam pad is the cushioned surface of the kneeler seat, providing support and comfort for your knees while kneeling or your backside while sitting.
  3. Stool: When the kneeler seat is flipped over, it functions as a stool or a low chair, allowing you to sit at a comfortable height while you work in the garden.
  4. Steel Frame: The steel frame provides strength and stability to the kneeler seat and stool, ensuring it can support your weight and withstand outdoor use.
  5. Tool Bag: Many models of the Portable Garden Folding Kneeler Seat come equipped with a tool bag or pouch. This feature allows you to keep your essential gardening tools and supplies close at hand while you work.

The main benefits of this tool are its portability and versatility. You can easily fold and carry it around the garden, making it convenient for various gardening tasks such as planting, weeding, and pruning. Additionally, the dual functionality as a kneeler and a seat reduces strain on your knees and back, allowing you to spend more time comfortably tending to your plants.

Size Approx : 57 Length x 25cm Width x 49cm Height


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