Masterplast Cold Freeze Massaging Spray Deep Muscular Fast Pain Relief Injury Sports 150ml


  1. Deep Muscular Relief: This powerful formula is specially designed to target deep muscle pain caused by injuries, sports activities, or strenuous workouts. It penetrates deep into the affected area, helping to alleviate pain at its source.
  2. Fast-Acting Formula: Experience rapid relief like never before! The cold freeze effect helps to soothe sore muscles and reduce inflammation, promoting a speedy recovery.
  3. Easy-to-Use Spray: No mess, no hassle! The 150ml spray bottle allows for convenient application. Simply point and spray directly onto the affected area, and let the cooling sensation work its magic.
  4. Massaging Effect: Masterplast Cold Freeze Massaging Spray is enhanced with a massaging action, providing an added layer of comfort as it eases tension and discomfort.
  5. Versatile Application: Whether you’re an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or someone experiencing muscle pain due to everyday activities, this spray is a must-have addition to your pain relief arsenal.
  6. Compact and Portable: The 150ml size makes it travel-friendly, ensuring you have pain relief on-the-go whenever and wherever you need it.

Directions for Use:

  1. Shake the bottle well before use.
  2. Hold the bottle approximately 15cm (6 inches) away from the affected area.
  3. Spray the product evenly over the targeted area, ensuring complete coverage.
  4. Gently massage the spray into the skin to enhance the cooling effect and promote absorption.

Safety Precautions:

  • For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, open wounds, and mucous membranes.
  • If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Don’t let pain hold you back! Masterplast Cold Freeze Massaging Spray is your reliable companion for overcoming muscular discomfort and getting back to the activities you love.

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