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New Round Chandelier Style Light Shade Ceiling Pendant Acrylic Crystal Droplet Bead




The Chandelier Style Round Ceiling Pendant Light Shade with Acrylic Crystal Droplet Beads is a stunning and elegant lighting fixture designed to enhance the ambiance and aesthetics of a space.

Design and Shape: The pendant light shade is designed in the style of a chandelier, which typically features ornate and decorative elements reminiscent of classic chandeliers. In this case, the chandelier style is adapted into a pendant light format, making it suitable for hanging from the ceiling. The shade is typically circular or rounded, and it’s adorned with acrylic crystal droplet beads that mimic the appearance of real crystal.

Acrylic Crystal Droplet Beads: The standout feature of this pendant light shade is the acrylic crystal droplet beads. These beads are designed to reflect and refract light, creating a sparkling and shimmering effect that adds a touch of glamour and luxury to the space. The beads catch and disperse light, resulting in a play of light and shadow that contributes to the overall ambiance of the room.

Materials: The pendant light shade is often made from a combination of materials. The frame and base of the shade are typically constructed from metal for durability and stability. The acrylic crystal droplet beads are carefully arranged and suspended from the frame, creating an intricate and eye-catching design.

Colors: Clear, Purple & Aqua/Teal

Clear Large 10″ : Globe Crystal Effect Ceiling Light Shade Chrome Finish with Clear Acrylic Crystal Faceted Jewels Measurements: Height 235mm x Diameter 255mm 1 x 60w BC B22 GLS Bulb Required

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Clear, Purple, Aqua/Teal, Clear Large 10"


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