NonStick Induction Metal Concave Dosa Roti Naan Tawa Red Black 4mm Thick Fry Pan


A nonstick induction metal concave dosa roti naan tawa is a specialized frying pan designed for making various flatbreads like dosa, roti, naan, and pancakes. Here are some details about the product you mentioned:

  1. Material: The tawa is made of metal, which is durable and provides even heat distribution for consistent cooking results. The metal used is compatible with induction cooktops, ensuring efficient and uniform heat transfer.
  2. Nonstick Coating: The tawa features a nonstick coating on the cooking surface. This coating prevents food from sticking to the pan, making it easier to cook and flip delicate flatbreads without tearing or breaking them. The nonstick coating also facilitates easy cleaning as food residue can be easily wiped off.
  3. Concave Shape: The concave shape of the tawa is specifically designed for making flatbreads. It allows you to spread the batter or dough evenly across the surface, creating thin and uniformly cooked breads with a slightly raised edge.
  4. Thickness: The 4mm thickness of the tawa ensures good heat retention, which is important for achieving the desired texture and browning of flatbreads.
  5. Red and Black Design: The tawa you mentioned comes in a red and black color combination, adding a stylish touch to your kitchen.Picture 1 of 27Picture 2 of 27Picture 3 of 27Picture 4 of 27Picture 5 of 27Picture 6 of 27Picture 7 of 27
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28cm Dosa Tawa Induction, 25cm Non-Stick Tawa Induction, 26.5cm Tawa, 30cm Tawa


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