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Plain Plastic Quality Handy Studio Basket With Handle Storage Tidy Organizer Baskets Container


Studio, home, or office tidy and organized with our Plain Plastic Quality Handy Studio Basket with Handle Storage Organizer! This versatile and practical basket is designed to simplify your storage needs and declutter your space.


  1. High-Quality Material: Our basket is made of durable and sturdy plastic, ensuring it will withstand regular use without losing its shape or breaking.
  2. Practical Size: The basket measures [insert dimensions here], making it ideal for storing various items without taking up too much space.
  3. Convenient Handle: The built-in handle allows for easy carrying and transport, making it effortless to move the basket from one place to another.
  4. Multipurpose: This handy organizer can be used for a wide range of purposes, from holding art supplies, office supplies, or kitchen utensils to organizing toys, toiletries, and more.
  5. Plain Design: The simple and elegant design of the basket blends seamlessly with any decor style, whether it’s modern, traditional, or eclectic.


  • Art Studio: Keep your art brushes, paints, sketchbooks, and other artistic essentials neatly arranged and within reach.
  • Office: Store pens, papers, folders, and office supplies in a clutter-free manner for enhanced productivity.
  • Kitchen: Organize cooking utensils, spices, or cleaning supplies, adding efficiency and style to your kitchen space.
  • Bathroom: Arrange toiletries, cosmetics, and grooming products, transforming your bathroom into a clean and tidy oasis.
  • Nursery/Playroom: Store your child’s toys, books, and games to create a tidy and safe play environment.

12 X 16 X 5 CM (770ML), 10 X 10 X 10 CM (720ML), 11 X 25 X 5 CM (1 LITER), 17 X 25 X 6 CM (2 LITER), 17 X 25 X 11 CM (3.9 LITER), 26 X 35 X 8 CM (6 LITER), 26 X 35 X 15 CM (11 LITER)


ICE White Cool, Cool Grey

No. Of Baskets:

1x Basket, 2x Basket, 3x Basket, 4x Basket, 5x Basket


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