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Plastic Grow Bag Growbag Tray Garden Plant Planters Watering Trays Pots Halos Container


Plastic Grow Bag Tray! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this growbag tray is the perfect addition to your gardening toolkit.


  • Premium Quality: Crafted from durable and sturdy plastic, this grow bag tray is built to withstand various weather conditions and heavy use. It’s a reliable companion for your plants all year round.
  • Versatile Design: This tray is designed to accommodate various types of grow bags, making it suitable for a wide range of plants – from herbs and vegetables to flowers and shrubs. It’s also compatible with standard pots and planters.
  • Efficient Watering: The tray features raised edges that help contain excess water, preventing mess and enabling efficient drainage. This ensures your plants receive the right amount of water without becoming waterlogged.
  • Halos for Watering: The innovative halo design in the tray helps with targeted watering. Place water-filled containers or bottles in the halos, allowing water to gradually seep into the soil and reach the plant’s roots. This helps conserve water and promotes healthier root growth.
  • Space-Saving: If you’re limited on space, this grow bag tray is a fantastic solution. It allows you to grow plants in confined areas, such as balconies, patios, or small gardens, without compromising on the number of plants you can nurture.
  • Easy Maintenance: Keeping your gardening area clean is a breeze with this tray. Simply wipe it down or hose it off when needed. The plastic material is resistant to staining and easy to maintain.
  • Multi-Purpose: Beyond gardening, this tray can be repurposed for various other uses. It’s great for organizing tools, holding small pots for propagation, or even serving as a catch tray for indoor plants.

Revolutionize your gardening experience with the Plastic Grow Bag Tray. Whether you’re a dedicated gardener or just looking to add some greenery to your space, this tray offers functionality, convenience, and a touch of innovation. Don’t miss out – add it to your cart now and watch your plants thrive like never before!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Plastic Grow Bag Tray

Size Check:

100cm Long 40cm Wide 5cm High

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1x Tray, 2x Tray, 3x Tray, 4x Tray, 5x Tray, 6x Tray


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