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Plastic Venation Window Planter Plant Pot Basket Outdoor Patio Garden Flower Weed Growbag Tray Boxes


Plastic venation window planter plant pot baskets are designed to be used outdoors on patios, gardens, or other areas where you want to display and grow plants. They typically feature a rectangular or square shape with a series of holes or slots on the sides and bottom for drainage.

These planters are made from plastic, which makes them lightweight, durable, and resistant to weather conditions such as rain and sunlight. Plastic planters are also relatively low maintenance and can be easily cleaned.

The venation design refers to the pattern or texture on the surface of the planter, which can resemble the veins of a leaf or have other decorative elements. This design adds visual interest and can enhance the overall aesthetic of your garden or patio.

The window feature in the planter allows you to see the roots of your plants, which can be interesting for observation or educational purposes. It also provides better air circulation and prevents waterlogging, promoting healthier plant growth.

Plant pot baskets or grow bags are often used inside these planters. They are typically made of fabric or other porous materials that allow for better drainage and aeration of the plant roots. These baskets or bags can be filled with soil or potting mix and then placed inside the plastic planter.

Decorative and tough, these stylish indoor and outdoor planters make a statement wherever you decide to use them

Dual drainage system

Broad base for stability

Ideal for plants & trees that require maximum drainage & stability

Great way to give flowering plants an elegant contemporary look.

Ideal for fruit & vegetable growing almost anywhere, from confined spaces, patio, roof top or balcony, to larger areas in the garden


For pots

40 CM:  40 X 17 X 22 CM

60 CM: 60 X 17 X 22 CM

90 CM: 90 X 17 X 22 CM

Made From Strong & Sturdy Plastic

Through Planter Dimensions Approx:

55cm = 550 x 280 x 230mm

Strong & Sturdy Design

The Raised Bottom Will Provide Ample Drainage For Your Plants Whilst Also Helping Avoid Stains On Your Ground Ideal For Use Both Indoors And Outdoors In Your Garden, Patio, Balcony Or Greenhouse

Come Without Drainage Holes However These Can Be Drilled Through If Required Perfect For All Your Planting Requirements From Flowers To Herbs

Dimensions Approx:

Length: 55 cm Width: 27 cm Height: 24 cm


Length: 70 cm Width: 30 cm Height: 26 cm

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Chose Product:

Black Small 40cm, Terracotta Small 40cm, Ash 55cm, Terracotta 55cm, Trough Volcanic Ash 55cm, Black Medium 60cm, Terracotta Medium 60cm, Trough Volcanic Ash 70cm, Trough Terracotta 70cm, Black Large 90cm, Terracotta Large 90cm


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