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Traditional Old Fashion Stainless Steel Stab Bottle ,can & Tin Opener And Cork Screw


A traditional old-fashioned stainless steel stab bottle opener, also known as a can and tin opener, typically consists of a sturdy stainless steel handle with a pointed end and a curved blade attached. This type of opener is designed to puncture metal bottle caps, cans, and tins.

To use this type of opener, you would typically follow these steps:

  1. Hold the bottle, can, or tin firmly in one hand.
  2. Position the pointed end of the opener against the bottle cap or can lid.
  3. Apply downward pressure while rotating the opener to pierce through the metal.
  4. Once the initial puncture is made, continue rotating the opener around the edge of the bottle cap or can lid to completely remove it.
  5. For a cork screw attachment, locate the corkscrew portion on the opener.
  6. Position the tip of the corkscrew against the cork in a wine bottle.
  7. Apply gentle pressure while rotating the corkscrew to insert it into the cork.
  8. Once the corkscrew is securely in the cork, use the handle to pull the cork out of the bottle.


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