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New 20L Folding Water Container Collapsible Carrier Camping Caravan Fresh Drink


The 20L Folding Water Container Collapsible Carrier you mentioned is a portable water storage solution designed for camping, caravanning, and other outdoor activities.

These Water Containers Are Ideal For Fresh Safe Drinking Water While Out Camping, Fishing Or Even At The Caravan.
Designed With Non-toxic Materials To Ensure Safe Drinking Water.
With Tap Features On Both For Easy Access.
Both Are Collapsible And Easy Storage And Carry Handles.

Item Specifications:

Material: Non Toxic Plastic
Color: Clear
Capacity: 20 L

Here are some details about it:

  1. Capacity: The container has a capacity of 20 liters, which allows you to store a significant amount of water for your camping or caravan needs.
  2. Collapsible Design: One of the main features of this container is its collapsible design. When empty, it can be folded down to a compact size for easy storage and transportation, making it ideal for camping trips where space is limited.
  3. Durable Material: The container is typically made of durable and food-grade materials such as BPA-free polyethylene. This ensures that the water stored in it remains safe and free from any potential contaminants.
  4. Easy Dispensing: The container is usually equipped with a spigot or a tap at the bottom, allowing you to easily dispense water as needed without any spills or leaks.
  5. Handle for Carrying: It typically comes with a sturdy handle on the top, making it convenient to carry even when it’s full of water. This feature is especially useful when you need to transport water from a water source to your campsite.
  6. Versatile Use: Apart from camping and caravanning, the container can also be used for various other purposes, such as picnics, hiking, outdoor events, and emergency water storage.



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